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E-Book Bagaimana Membina Content

Tercari-cari tips bagaimana menulis konten untuk produk dan bisnes anda? Bagaimana mahu bermula? Apa yang sesuai ditulis? Kami ada solusinya!

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Ebook 1: The Content Game. Siap ada beri contoh content bagaimana nak up. Senang sangat.

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E-Book 1: The Content Game.
E-Book 2: Bagaimana Saya Membina Bank Content.

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6 perkara bantu rakan yang sedang mengalami DEPRESI

Saya terpanggil untuk menulis tentang isu ini: Depresi, atau Depression.

Kalian tahu sejenis apakah depresi itu? Ia bukan setakat kesedihan semata. Ia juga bukan sekadar jauh hati, sakit hati.

Yang hadir bila kau duduk depan TV, geram, sakit hati dan sedih menonton dan mengutuk Husna. Yang kemudiannya sakit hati itu hilang bila kau tukar saluran kepada episod Running Man.

Sesungguhnya depresi ialah sejenis penyakit. Ya, penyakit yang perlukan rawatan!

Dan penyakit mental ini sangat meruntun personaliti dan bahagia insan yang terjebak! Semakin lama ia berada di situ, semakin susah untuk menariknya keluar.

Tak perlu saya ulas lanjut akan maksud depresi, kalian boleh cari gali dan baca.

Jika kalian berhadapan dengan rakan/ insan yang mengalami depresi, seharusnya bantu dia, kawan. Apa yang kalian boleh lakukan:

1) Cari tahu tentang depresi.
Lebih banyak membaca, kalian akan lebih faham bagaimana mahu membantu.

2) Dengar.
Dengar apa masalah dan luahan hati dia. Elakkan memberi pendapat t…


Today is the first day of Ramadan 1439 Hijrah. Alhamdulillah (praised be to God) who allows us to reach this holy month, that is full of barokah (blessings) and forgiveness.

It is that time again for Muslims to observe fasting for a month, from dawn to dusk. To observe carefully each and every action and deeds while fasting is not an easy thing, yet not impossible. Every one of us is striving, doing our best to be a better human being. Everyday.

Fret not, you are not alone.

I would like to pick a topic on forgiveness: to forgive and to move on.

I am reading a book by Gary Chapman on ‘Love as a way of life’. In his book he stated that among the seven main attitude of authentic love is ‘forgiveness’. On forgiving other human who has made wrongdoings to us, it is rather not an easy task, worst if without anticipation from the other human.

Forgiving is a choice.

You may think you have forgiven, yet at times hurt and anger may surface. The scar remains, unless you manage to let it go. Lat…


Alhamdulillah. (Praise be to Allah).

Malaysians who voted for a new government can finally be at ease and smiled (with happiness/ tears),  because our voices has been heard, our prayers has been granted! The new change in governement that had been ruling for more than 61 years has proven for a demand in change of power for a better nation.

People has spoken!

‘We only want to restore the rule of law,’ as said by Tun Mahathir, the representative from Pakatan Harapan, winning majority in the parliament, and automatically forming the new government.

Indeed, Malaysians are looking forward to a nation that takes care of its people, hear the voices of people and restore the rule of the law.

Personally I am excited as being voter for the first time [ya, I know! I should have voted before :)], and this time our history has been changed! I am not a person who gets involve (or interested, rather) in the political world, yet this time I felt it was time to be one responsible Malaysian and went o…


Today marked PRU14, the day Malaysians in the country go for voting in hope of better nation. More reliable, responsible, capable and trustworthy leaders.

In history the most trustworthy man to be the best leader, and has been recorded as the #1 out of ‘100 most influential people in the world’ by Michael H.Hart. This great man is non other than, Prophet Muhammad  (peace be unto him) (570 – 632 AD), the  Prophet of Islam.
Why has Muhammad (peace be unto him)  been selected as the top influential man? Read on his history, and you would see for yourself.
The religion, also known as  Ad-Deen, is not solely focused on religion and worshipping matters, it is a comprehensive act in the way of life of its believers, the Muslims.
Holding to the principles and guidance bythe Holy Book, The Qur’an and the words and action of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be unto him), the Sunnah, Muslims lead their way of life emcompassing all factors as guided.
Regardless of race, religion should bring us all towar…


It has been a few months since his last paycheck. He is still not sure of his new direction. Going back is another option, yet the last thing he would do.

The first few months were great. It still is! It was on his dream to go to a foreign place, to study, to live, to actually find his existence that would benefit others.
Boy, was he wrong! 
During the few months of his travel did he realize, it was not for other people. It was for him to actually develop the best out of himself. To be true, to learn, to widen his circle of networking.
Was he scared? He was alone, yet he was not lonely. Surprisingly he had so much time on his clock to learn a lot. A lot more than he could have imagined, realizing most of his time was spent day to day working, till he realized the missing part of his life. The part that gradually diminished slowly, day by day.
The part that his soul needed the most, for his sole purpose of existence. And that part he acquires from a land so foreign that even the exist…