The mystery and miracles behind a relationship.


By definition: the state of being connected.
Be it for numbers, things, situation and people.

We shall talk about people!

Watching the drama series / movies on the screen, I have always been left in awe on how mysterious some relationship could be.

Even in my life.

There had been people whom I have never met, yet we talked about many different things. They say, we 'clicked'.

There are some people you follow on social media because of the same interest, then you become best friends and when you meet, you can talk about just, anything!

The chemistry you never know could exist, indeed what being said by Carl Jung is true .

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."

There was a great friend I had, who was always there in my difficult and joyful times, in our friendship of 8 years. Until we lost contact because that person was (or still is?) too mad at me for not making it to the wedding. Now, was I too cruel?

Some relationship stays as evergreen. Even when we fight, misunderstand each other, withdraw into the caves for sometimes; in the end when the storm has passed, we re-connect. We stay best friend forever. (Lol!)

I have a few friends who are married to partners they had met from the social media! That's pretty much some familiar stories these days, right?

I had a family friend, this aunty met her husband from pen pal (you know, the one in magazines some 20 years back!); and he flew from Brunei and asked for her hand in marriage in Kedah!

A great relationship remains in a family where money could never replace. The true love from parents to their children. The bond that could never be shattered.

Sadly, there are some relationship that is not based on love and trust, but hate and grudge. It is a mystery that changes love into hate, and hate into love.

That way, how could a mother abandon or even worse, kill, her own child out of sanity? (or perhaps she is just truly insane?) When there had been very close connection with the baby in the womb that she carried for more than 9 months!

I guess, it all comes back to square one.

Build a greater and closer relationship with Allah, the Creator of the universe, then your relationship with people around you will be great.

True enough, life could be filled with bitterness and sorrow, yet don't let that destroy tomorrow.

Remember, God is always there for you to turn all your fears and sorrows, in times of cheers and joy. Put Him first priority before you put others, because He is closer to us than anything else.

"And certainly We created man, and We know what his mind suggests to Him, and We are nearer to him than his life veins." (Al-Qur'an 50:16)


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