Today marked PRU14, the day Malaysians in the country go for voting in hope of better nation. More reliable, responsible, capable and trustworthy leaders.

In history the most trustworthy man to be the best leader, and has been recorded as the #1 out of ‘100 most influential people in the world’ by Michael H.Hart. This great man is non other than, Prophet Muhammad  (peace be unto him) (570 – 632 AD), the  Prophet of Islam.

Why has Muhammad (peace be unto him)  been selected as the top influential man? Read on his history, and you would see for yourself.

The religion, also known as  Ad-Deen, is not solely focused on religion and worshipping matters, it is a comprehensive act in the way of life of its believers, the Muslims.

Holding to the principles and guidance bythe Holy Book, The Qur’an and the words and action of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be unto him), the Sunnah, Muslims lead their way of life emcompassing all factors as guided.

Regardless of race, religion should bring us all towards unity and peace, and harmony. The intention of the leader should be purely to build the nation towards excelling the various political and worldly aspects, without corruption, greed and arrogance.

The test of a greater power is even greater, ranking equals test of faith and attitude. It is truly in those who builds up a strong willpower and piety is the best of all. 

Malaysians, choose wisely, do your part. 

Let us pray for a better nation, better leaders!


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