It has been a few months since his last paycheck. He is still not sure of his new direction. Going back is another option, yet the last thing he would do.

The first few months were great. It still is! It was on his dream to go to a foreign place, to study, to live, to actually find his existence that would benefit others.

Boy, was he wrong! 

During the few months of his travel did he realize, it was not for other people. It was for him to actually develop the best out of himself. To be true, to learn, to widen his circle of networking.

Was he scared? He was alone, yet he was not lonely. Surprisingly he had so much time on his clock to learn a lot. A lot more than he could have imagined, realizing most of his time was spent day to day working, till he realized the missing part of his life. The part that gradually diminished slowly, day by day.

The part that his soul needed the most, for his sole purpose of existence. And that part he acquires from a land so foreign that even the existence of God is being questioned. In a land where religion is not a part of their life, it has taught him. A lot.

He still has a long way to go. And though the climb not only seem (but feel!) real, he needs to take that steps and move forward. 

Only by challenging himself does he feel its worth, those every single step taken. Either to make it better, or to break, he still does not know.

He knows this for sure, that motto he has been carrying all along since school, ‘Life is no fun without adventure and challenge’ has eventually put himself to where he is now.

Living in the present, he is only a small being with big dreams. And with a hope to God to whom he has trust in.

Today is a gift for us to be the best we can be. If you are stuck somewhere in your life, do not give up. Ever! 

Know that you are not alone. Seek out help when needed, and pray to Him to show you the way. Help will come, trust Him.

May God eases our way to success.


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